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Nova, a prominent brand in Greece, offers an impressive line-up of sports and movie channels. With a total of nine sports channels, Nova Sports caters to avid sports enthusiasts by broadcasting exclusive content, including thrilling football, basketball, tennis competitions, and exhilarating races. We broadcast the most prestigious football competitions: Premier League, Super League, La Liga, Bundesliga, most watched basketball competitions: Euroleague and Eurocup as well as numerous tennis, volleyball and golf tournaments as well as UFC fights. The audience can be up-to-date with the latest developments in the sports world by visiting the comprehensive sports news website

For movie lovers, Nova Cinema is a treat, showcasing an extensive selection of global blockbusters, ranging from action-packed adventures to horror flicks and heart-warming romantic films, through a partnership with the world’s most famous production house Sony. In addition to movies, Nova Cinema also airs captivating series and side-splitting sitcoms, providing endless entertainment options across its four dedicated channels. For those who crave a taste of reality TV, Nova Life channel is the go-to destination. Nova Life broadcasts engaging reality formats and captivating domestic productions, offering viewers a diverse range of content that keeps them glued to the screen.

Within our rich portfolio, also operates – a highly popular and influential portal within the Greek sports news industry, serving as a vibrant hub for sports enthusiasts, featuring exclusive and premium video content. It offers a unique experience that transcends the boundaries of traditional sports coverage.




Most prestigious sport competitions

Cooperation with Sony and Universal