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Pikaboo is specialized kid’s channel and the perfect place to take the youngest viewers

Pikaboo offers quality programmes shaped for the youngest family members with a wide range of top animated and kid’s shows. The kid’s channel Pikaboo is available in 5 regional languages – Serbian, Croatian, Slovenian, Macedonian and Albanian.

Channel that started broadcasting on December 4, 2017, is owned by United Media. It is broadcasting preschool content 24 hours a day.

The popular cartoons Paw Patrol, Masha and the Bear and Peppa Pig become part of the Pikaboo family.

Drawing fun and educational characters will keep every child’s attention and teach them many new things. From enchanted forests to seaside treasures, you’ll be guided by cartoon crews: Peg and the Cat, If I Were an Animal, Dora, The Nature Cat, The Cat in the Hat, Where Are You, Driftwood Bay, Doc, Dot and Her Dog and Bali. This very popular titles are sparkling and improving interest for young viewers the importance of curiosity, love, friendship, collaboration and celebrating diverse and rich cultures from around the globe. Join the magical world of the Pikaboo channel!