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Your guide through travel, food, events, and interesting things on a global and local level is most visited travel & food portal established in 2013. It offers blend of travel news, recipes, food places, events, and interesting things on a global and local level.

Punkufer is a real guide that has answers to a lot of questions and knows what and where are the best gastro and travel events and places in the country. It explores the rich world of flavours by sharing delicious recipes, reviewing restaurants, and sharing food-related topics that will excite your taste buds. This gastronomic adventure is complemented by travel stories that take you to fascinating places all over the globe.

These travel articles provide glimpses into different cultures, offering interesting insights into incredible locations, traditions, and hidden treasures waiting to be discovered. Punkufer is dedicated to ecology and works diligently to raise people’s awareness on this issue.

With a strong commitment to ecology and zero waste living, it supports ecological responsibility and responsible living. It encourages readers to embrace environmentally-friendly practices and offers practical insights on how to reduce waste and minimize our impact on the planet. Punkufer also has a unique microsite called “Punkufer Preporuke,” which showcases small accommodations, excursion spots, family-owned agricultural households, restaurants, and various locations. With an interactive map, it allows users to access the desired information quickly and easily, making it a convenient tool for planning their experiences.