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The newspaper Vijesti is the first independent newspaper in Montenegro

The newspaper “Vijesti” is the first independent newspaper in Montenegro, the market leader in all research, with a pioneering role in many new projects not only in Montenegro but also in the EX YU region (such as books, coins, insertion of foreign publications, and many others). Our role in Montenegrin society has often been emancipatory.

By safeguarding the public interest and providing timely and truthful information, we have raised the standards of independent journalism in Montenegro. That’s why the portal and newspaper are recognized today as the most widely read media and the ones our citizens trust the most. Trust is the foundation of developing professional media and is also our greatest mission and responsibility.

Furthermore, our mission is to be regionally recognized as a media house that respects the highest professional standards, not only introducing new trends and habits but also anticipating and creating them. We aim to be synonymous with media that anticipate and adapt to the changes brought by the times.

Our vision is to build a society of equal opportunities through professional journalism.