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Zadovoljna is one of the most popular lifestyle portals for women in Croatia is launched 2008. and is one of the most popular lifestyle portals for women in Croatia that covers all areas of women’s interests.

It is a feel-good place for women of all interests, and it often highlights valuable women who are not public figures and works on women empowerment. Over the years, it has become a recognizable name that women associate with diverse and valuable content. The portal proudly embraces all aspects of women’s lives, offering information and inspiration in various areas, including fashion, beauty, health, cooking, travel, career, relationships and family, culture, and many other interests. is known for its high-quality and relevant content, providing articles, advice, reviews, and guides that readers can use in their daily lives. Over the years, has evolved to remain relevant and competitive. By introducing new topics, collaborating with relevant experts, and keeping up with the most recent trends, the portal works towards satisfying the preferences of its audience. is not just a portal but also a platform that promotes mutual interaction and dialogue among women.

Using communication tool such as comments on our social networks, the portal creates space for the exchange of experiences and opinions.


is a feel-good


for women