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Time of death


The story is set during the World War I. After Gavrilo Princip shot the Austro-Hungarian heir to the throne, the war began and it forever changed the course of history but also brought Serbia to a tragic choice.

Capitulation and loss of identity of the state and the people or resistance to an immeasurably bigger and stronger enemy. The war drama series “Time of Death” tells the story of people who try to defend themselves and preserve what they believe must be preserved – dignity and the will to survive.

In the late autumn of 1914, in the village of Prerovo, where the main characters and the Katic family come from, a drummer calls the villagers to hear the names of the wounded, dead and missing. There is Aćim Katić, a former radical champion and village owner, with his son Đorđe, a merchant, while his grandson, Đorđe’s only son, Adam, is at the front. There is also Tola Dačić, Aćim’s first neighbor, a poor man and a wage earner. He sent four sons to the war, and one has already died. To their great relief, Katić and Dačić are not on the lists.

The main characters from the Katić family are Aćim’s older son Vukašin, an opposition politician, Vukašin’s wife Olga, who later goes to volunteer at Valjevska hospital, and their children Ivan and Milena. Ivan returned from Paris to be one of the 1300 corporals, while Milena is also a volunteer at Valjevska hospital.

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Production: United Media Production

Executive Producer: Eye to eye

Genre: Drama

Episodes: 15

Episode duration: 50 min

Year: 2022

Director: Ivan Živković

Script writer: Sanja Savic Milosavljevic, Djordje Milosavljevic

Main cast: Žarko Laušević, Miki Manojlović, Dragan Mićanović, Svetozar Cvetković, Nina Janković, Teodora Dragićević, Denis Murić, Radovan Vujović, Voja Brajović, Pavle Mensur, Boda Ninković, Slavko Štimac, Milan Marić, Goran Šušljik, Andrija Milošević, Nikola Rakočević, Ljiljana Blagojević

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