The arranged marriage of Julia

Basic information

Number of episodes: 110
Duration: 60 min
Director: Nikos Kritikos, Nikos Zapatinas
Screenwriter: Nikos Apeiranthitis, based on the novel by Giorgos Politis
Cast: Ilias Meletis, Elisavet Moutafi, Peggy Trikalioti, Dimitris Alexandris, Anna Mascha, Evgenia Xygorou, Dimitris Serfas, Adam Bousdoukos, Giannos Perlegas, Tasos Lekkas, Hristina Maxouri, Vassilis Koukalani
Production: Primavisione


Grecce, Thessaly, late 1950s.
The central element of our «journey» is an arranged marriage. An arrangement that aims to hide guilty secrets but only succeeds in giving birth to more, as is the case most of the time.

Julia Skoutari loves Grigoris Razini. Although the two young people are very much in love, this love is doomed because of the old hatred that exists between their families. Julia is forced to marry Giorgikis Provios, a rich and much older man whom she does not love. Without, of course, knowing that her life in Provio’s mansion will be anything but easy. Grigoris cannot accept this marriage but is forced to continue his life without her.

One crime triggers the beginning of the story. A different crime seals the fate of the story with the heroine enduring a fate that seems like a heavy curse upon herself and her family. Is she innocent or guilty? And if she is innocent, who is the perpetrator and who is the victim?

Obsessions and prejudices, infidelities, betrayals, loves, but also sick souls, operate under the silence of the Greek countryside of the 1950s and define the framework of action of our heroes.

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