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River At My Heart

River At My Heart


The series is centered around the wealthy Bonevi family and the complex and controversial relationship between their heirs.

A brother and a sister who, against their will, must comfort with their late father’s wish to save the family land and the vineyard on the banks of The Danube River.

Each of them is involved into a complicated relationship, while in the unexpected villain arrives in town – the newcomer will provoke insatiable greediness among the characters and will also desperately try to steal their love.
Love affairs, financial interests and dark desires form the intriguing and intricate personal world of characters.
Three women hide their striking secrets; men cannot resist their weaknesses.

Throughout economic crises and family feuds,secrets will be revealed. The rich will become poor, the humble ones will taste the sweetness of affluent life. The weaknesses will turn into power.

But everțhing comes at a high price.

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Production: Nova Broadcasting Group & New Generation Films

Genre: Drama

Episodes: 42

Episode duration: 45 min

Year: 2022

Creative producer: Martin Makariev

Director: Martin Makariev

Script writer: Georgi Tenev

Main cast: Luiza Grigorova, Alexander Dimov, Yana Marinova, Alexander Sano, Igor Anguelov, Hristo Petkov, Martina Apostolova, Anastasiya Ljutova, Plamen Manasiev, Malin Krustev, Nikola Dodov, Leart Dokle, Ana Tomich, Joanna-Isabella Varbanova, Mathew Goranov, Tzvetina Petrova

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