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In Slovenia, we provide a variety of services, including television, a strong digital portfolio, print editions, and an advertising agency. Through our renowned regional sports brand Sportklub, our firm has had a big effect in country. Besides broadcasting international football, basketball, and tennis competitions, SK in Slovenia also covers all domestic leagues appealing to a passionate fan base.

Our regional news platform N1, entered the Slovenian market in June 2021 with the introduction of the news site, immediately becoming one of the country’s top ten most-read portals. In addition, we own Adria Media Ljubljana, a publishing firm with a portfolio of prominent national and international print and web brands. Adria Media Ljubljana publishes, on a regular basis, licensed and original print and digital editions of publications such as Cosmopolitan, Elle, Metropolitan, Aktivni, Avto Magazin,, Sensa and more.

In 2023, we launched the specialized Forbes Slovenia digital edition.

Casmedia, an agency specialising in the sale of advertising space on cable channels, supports our advertising campaigns, improving our presence and influence in the Slovenian market. Our regional media buying agency Direct Media spread its presence to Slovenia in 2022



Second digital publisher in the country

SK is house of Slovenian sports leagues

Next in line

United Media has a significant presence in Serbia with an extensive and diverse portfolio that includes television networks, online portals, print editions, advertising agencies, and distribution network.